Sleepy Hollow Recap: “This is War”

Yes this show is great and I’m becoming a great fan!

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So, over the summer, I joined a new fandom. That’s right, I’m a newborn Sleepyhead (I’m still waiting for my official Sleepyhead birth certificate from Orlando Jones). Since I now will be watching new episodes weekly along with the rest of my Tweeps, I decided to put my fingers to good use and write about my new favorite thing.

Also, the S.S. Ichabbie is steadily sailing in my armada of ships. But more on that later.

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*

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More on what is going on

this is outrageous! Nobody has the right to steal other people’s hard work without any repercussions! Must be stopped right now


h33NI2nI have tried to say my piece and walk away.  She did remove my story.. but left a PM to me saying she is going to repost it later…

I am going to leave the latest PM’s to me I have received.  I let you make your own decisions, and then I will end it with what the forum who was kind enough to message me to help sent me.  I HIGHLY encourage each and every author to check your stories, and if one of your stories has been stolen, then please use the form to report it.  Unfortunately, I have to wait for her to post my story again.  No I have NOT replied to any of her or her Beta’s PM’s.  But I have saved each and everyone of them.

Received 09/17/14 1:30pm CST:

Hi i am sorry.

Sep 17Hi i just wanted to let you know…

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Ok folks.  I need your help.  I know I was gone, and I will update the convention page when I have a chance.  Instead of doing that I have dealt with someone today.

This writer on BellaEric27, has stolen from many of my fellow writers.  And.. she has stolen ED. (Every Dark Night Turns into Day).  I was nice, and asked her to remove the story:

Eternity of Night

5h agoI am messaging you to please remove your story Eternity of Night from you writings.

This is my ED (Every Dark Night Turns Into Day) (You can find this here on Fanficiton, or on my site www dot Kittyinaz dot com. I have also seen what you have done with other stories, and while you are not copying the story word for word, you are still stealing an idea.

Here is the definition of plagiarism:

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Join Us in the Fight For Net Neutrality

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“Net Neutrality” is the simple but powerful principle that cable and broadband providers must treat all internet traffic equally. Whether you’re loading a blog post on, streaming House of Cards on Netflix, or browsing handcrafted tea cozies on Etsy, your internet provider can’t degrade your connection speed, block sites, or charge a toll based on the content that you’re viewing.

Net neutrality has defined the internet since its inception, and it’s hard to argue with the results: the internet is the most powerful engine of economic growth and free expression in history. Most importantly, the open internet is characterized by companies, products, and ideas that survive or fail depending on their own merit — not on whether they have preferred deals in place with a broadband service provider. Unfortunately, the principle of net neutrality, and the open internet that we know and love, is under attack.

Net Neutrality under…

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Life Needs More Joss Whedon & More Buffy

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Buffy With A Twist

I will forever be a hardcore fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I remember when I fell in love, it was Darla passionately declared that Buffy couldn’t imagine what it was like to love someone for hundreds of years right before she was dusted.

One of my favorite all time moments of BtVS is Anya describing Thanksgiving as “a ritual sacrifice with pie.”  What’s yours? 🙂

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True Blood Rant: The Problem With Sookie

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"Guess I'll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me...again." “Guess I’ll just wait here for the menfolk to fight over me…again.”

I beg your forgiveness, Collectors. I’ve been remiss in my updates on the final season of True Blood. We bloggers took a break, and then there was GISHWHES, but, truthfully, I’ve found myself without things to say about the middle episodes of the seventh season.

Not so anymore.

The finale approaches, and while I had hoped to see one of my favorite shows be efficiently and logically wrapped up in precise and poignant writing, it seems that it’s not meant to be. This is not to say, however, that there are not things that I like about this season. I love that LaFayette has a new love interest. I like the references to story lines in earlier seasons that were never wrapped up, like Jason’s issues with Hoyt or Jessica’s binge-eating of Andy’s fairy daughters. There are some…

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